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Volunteer Credits

We are grateful to a number of dedicated volunteers who have made significant contributions of their talents, time, and support to the project. Among the many that have helped us are:

Bob Abbott1

Paco Arias1

Patricia Baptista-Reis1

Stephan Barratt1

Christopher Barry1

Chris Benedetto1

Justin Bisceglio2

Sophie Black2

Jeffrey Bromberger1

Paul Bulloch1

Randolph & Vida Carford1,2

Gene Cascicari 1

Brian Coelho1,2

Julia Coelho1

Bernard de la Rivera1,3

Rose Dell'Orso1

Arlene Diaz1,2

Barbara Dill2

Evie Dill1

Michael Donaghue2

Harry Hawk Edmonds1

Lee Brave Edmonds1

George Estes, Jr.1

Spotted Eagle Woman1  

William Gates1

Ted Gianitti 1

Angela Grassi 1

James Hunter Heinlen1

Sarah Howard1

C.T. Iannuzzo1

Bruce Jansen2

Keith Jurow2

Christine Klimek4

Linda Lane1

Arthur Malestein1

Sue Martin2

Bil Martinnean1

Brenna MacKay1

Michael May4

Donna Edmonds Mitchell1

Christine Moscardini 1

Ann Mullen2

Lily-Rae O'Brien1

Jacalyn O'Sullivan1

L. E. Pearson1

Dolores Quartey1

Suzanne Racowsky1

Richard Rausch1

Victoria Rebal1

Kali Reis1

Dina Rossi2

John Santos1

Charles Schifferdocker1

John Scofield1

James Scofield1

Donna Scott2

Kathryn Stroomer2

Ronald Surprenant, Sr.1

Belinda Tartaglia1

Mike Tartaglio1

Joanna Taver1

Carmen Tilzer2

Christine Tremblay2

John Karl Tritt1

Daniel Turner1

Patricia Turner-Weeden1

Bill Walker1,2

Susan Waters1

Charles Weeden III1

Melissa Weeden1

Kathryn West1

Ernest Wiegand1,2

Howling Wolf1

1 - Reenactments
2 - Production Assistance
3 - Hair & Makeup
4 - Publicity & Promotion