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The Characters

Narragansett Sachem Miantanomo, portrayed by Clif Drake (Lumbee), allied with the English in the Pequot War. Within five years of the War's end, he was questioning alliance with the settlers.

"So we must be one, as they [the English] are. Otherwise, we shall be gone shortly. For you know our fathers had plenty of deer and skins, our plains were full of deer, as also our woods, and of turkies, and our coves full of fish and fowl.

But these English having gotten our land, they with scythes cut down the grass, and with their axes fell the trees, their cows and horses eat the grass, and their hogs spoil our clam banks. And we shall all be starved." - Miantanomo, Narragansett Sachem, 1642

Captain John Underhill, English commander from Boston, is portrayed by William Scott Russell. Underhill eloquently documented the major events of the War in his journal, Newes From America.

The stately Pequot Ambassador to the English in 1636 is portrayed by Jonathan Perry (Wampanoag).

Massachusetts Governor John Winthrop, Sr., is portrayed by Jeremy Black. Black also portrays other English historical characters, including Reverend John Cotton.

"Thus stands the case between us and God. We are entered into Covenant with Him this worke. The Lord hath given us leave to draw our owne articles. To finance the construction of that City on the Hill, God hath signed a divine blank check."

- John Winthrop, Sr., Governor Massachusetts Bay Colony

Sachem Uncas of the Mohegan Tribe is portrayed by Chris Ortiz (Wampanoag). The Mohegans split from the Pequots in 1635.

Pequot Grand Sachem Sassacus is portrayed by Gregory Zaragoza (Pima). Sassacus was the focal point of Pequot resistance during the War.

Captain John Mason is portrayed by Morton Hall Millen. Mason led the English attack on the Pequots' fortified village at Missituck (Mystic) in 1637.


- Captain John Mason at the Mystic Battle.

The Old Chief, who according to Algonquian tradition sighted the first European ship as it approached the coast of America, is portrayed by Howling Wolf (Micmac).

"How could ye blame us for avenging so cruel a murder. For we distinguish not between Dutch and Enlgish, and therefore we do not conceive that we wronged you. For they slew OUR KING!" - Pequot response to English demand for killers of Captain John Stone

Wincombone is portrayed by Strong Woman (Julianne Jennings, Pequot-Nottoway). Wincombone was an influencial Pequot woman at the time of the War.

Roger Williams is portrayed by British actor Simon Boughey. Williams, who often took issue with the Boston leadership, founded the Rhode Island colony.

They are not only kindly and generous, but quick in apprehensions and accurate judgements. The most high and sovereign God and Creator hath not made them inferiour to Europeans.

Boast not proud English, of thy birth and blood. Thy brother Indian is of birth as good. Through God's grace, some Englishmen might yet see, Heaven ope to Indians wild, But shut out to thee." - Roger Williams

The infamous Captain John Stone is portrayed by Thomas Delventhal. Stone's murder by Indians was, from the English viewpoint, a major cause of the War.

A Narragansett Elder, who teaches Roger Williams his language and who recoils at the sight of the burning village at Missituck, is portrayed by Cochise Medicine Shield (Deleware).

Lieutenant Lion Gardiner, commander of the English fort at Saybrook, is portrayed by Dennis Smith.

"You have come here to raise a nest of wasps about our ears, and then you will take wing and flee away!" - Lion Gardiner, Commander-Fort Saybrook, upon hearing the orders for Endicott's expedition against the Pequots in Connecticut

Helena Underhill,Dutch wife of Captain John Underhill, is portrayed by Sheri Graubert. Sheri also provides voice-over narration for sections of the documentary.

The Underhill's daughter, Deborah, is portrayed by Evie Dill.

A shouting Pequot Warrior at the siege of Fort Saybrook is portrayed by Matt Vianna (Algonquin-Cherokee).

"We are Pequot and have killed Englishmen, and can kill them as mosquitos! And we will go down to Connectictu and kill men, women and children. And we will take away the horses, cows, and hogs!" - Pequot Warrior, shouting to the English during the seige of Fort Saybrook.

Victims of the Native smallpox epidemic and the Pequot massacre are portrayed by Matoaka Little Eagle (Tewa/Apache/Chicka). Matoaka also provides reenactment voice-overs.

A mysterious Indian in a scarlet mantle is portrayed by Joe Cross (Caddo/Potawatomi). Joe also provides reenactment voice-overs.

The voice of English trader John Brewster is provided by Dave Conaway.

The voice of John Endicott, leader of the first English expedition against the Pequots, is provided by Mark McConnell.